Broadband Availability

BRMEMC is working hard to bring fiber internet service to its members.

Speeds up to 8 Gig

World-class speeds that you can only find in the largest cities in the world today – are now available right here in our mountain hometowns!

Welcome to 8 Gig!

The mountains fastest internet.

Elevate your online experience to stream, game, work and learn on all your devices at once with equal upload and download speeds over the area's only 100% fiber-optic network.

  • Connect and operate all your devices simultaneously without compromising speed or performance.
  • See the difference in sharing, gaming and video calling with upload speeds that equal downloads.
  • No contracts, data caps, installation charges or surprise fees.
  • Choose the fiber fast speed right for you: from 2.5 Gig up to 8 Gig!
  • Experience the enhanced reliability and security that only 100% fiber-optic internet can deliver.

We are seeking interest in our new multi-gigabit fiber packages. This will assist our team in determining where to begin deploying this next-level experience in May 2024.

To pre-order one of our multi-gig packages, simply complete the form below.

Multi-Gigabit Fiber Package

Complete this form to pre-order the 2.5 Gig, 5 Gig or 8 Gig fiber packages.

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Enter the physical address where your fiber internet is located.
Use the dropdown box to select the multi-gigabit fiber plan you want to upgrade to.

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Easily stream video, Live TV services, music, gaming and much more.

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