Establishing Service

Become a part of the BRMEMC membership family.

Getting Connected

Following the electric service checklist below ensures the necessary paperwork reaches us in a timely manner and your project stays on task.

Temporary service will be provided to building under construction until completion by setting meters on a members' own temporary service rig. BRMEMC will also supply service to member's own RV & Trailer pedestals. Permanent service will be extended to buildings that are permanent in nature. Examples of permanent structures include houses, manufactured homes, garages, barns, and businesses.

Have questions about how we conduct business or what rules govern your membership and service? Also view the service practice standards with regards to BRMEMC schedule of rules and regulations. BRMEMC's policy bulletin No. 304 outlines application for membership and electric service, and the remaining BRMEMC By-Laws & Policies.

Service Practice Standards

Schedule of Rules and Regulations

APPLICATION FOR SERVICE - Each prospective Customer desiring electric service shall meet Distributor's requirements for application of service and may be required to sign Distributor's standard form of application for service or contract before service is supplied by Distributor.

BRMEMC Service Practice Standards Rules and Regulations

Medical Exemption Form

As stated in the Service Practice Standard, a medical necessity form must be completed by a licensed medical doctor or nurse practitioner and is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the form has been approved by BRMEMC.

Click here to view the Medical Exemption form.

If you have questions or need further assistance call our office at (706) 379-3121 or email Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Contact BRMEMC

875 Main Street East
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P.O. Box 9
Young Harris, Georgia 30582

(706) 379-3121

"As soon as we got home, we heard a transformer blow. Within 30 minutes BREMC was out here and within another 30 they restored our power. Cannot thank these men and women enough for the jobs they do. Especially when it’s late at night and raining in 36 degree weather."


"Thanks for everything you do keeping thousands of customers in power, especially during all the snow and cold and rain. You guys are great!"


"Thanks for all the hard work!! Great job everybody!"


"Thank you for AWESOME response times and excellent service. The linemen went above and beyond!"


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