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Electric Right of Way

One of BRMEMC’s top priorities is making sure that our energy delivery system remains reliable. Did you know that trees near power lines are the single greatest cause of electrical outages responsible for half of all service interruptions? These service interruptions include everything from a blinking clock to a major storm that may leave thousands of members without power.

Our tree care experts work year-round to make sure that your power stays on, day in and day out. With over 5,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines, keeping trees properly trimmed is a responsibility we take seriously.

Vegetation Management

Herbicide Use

Herbicide use is an important part of our program to keep your electric service reliable. It is a safe and effective vegetation management technique that minimizes the physical impact on a power line right of way while enabling us to maintain safe and reliable electric service for you and your neighbors.

For more information, see our BRMEMC Herbicide Spraying Q and A.

MSDS Sheets for products used:

Planting Trees

To minimize the chance of tree-related power interruptions it’s best to avoid planting new trees under power lines. But if you have no other place for a tree and must plant near a line, there are many low-growing ornamental trees and shrubs that will add beauty to your property and result in little or no interference with power lines.

The best trees or shrubs are those with a mature height of no more than 3m. If you want to plant taller plants, find out what the mature height is and plant it that same distance away from the power line. That way if the tree were to fall, it would stay clear of the power line.

Right of Way

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"As soon as we got home, we heard a transformer blow. Within 30 minutes BREMC was out here and within another 30 they restored our power. Cannot thank these men and women enough for the jobs they do. Especially when it’s late at night and raining in 36 degree weather."


"Thanks for everything you do keeping thousands of customers in power, especially during all the snow and cold and rain. You guys are great!"


"Thanks for all the hard work!! Great job everybody!"


"Thank you for AWESOME response times and excellent service. The linemen went above and beyond!"


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