Broadband Expansion

We’re always expanding our broadband coverage area.

Neighborhood Networking

With Neighborhood Networking, requests can be made from an area that high-speed internet is needed. BRMEMC will use the information to determine if the area is a feasible addition for expansion. Every year, BRMEMC chooses areas that will expand the existing fiber optic network to as many members as possible within the fiscal year’s allotted expansion budget.

Enter your physical address below to see if your area qualifies for Neighborhood Networking. Click here for a full screen map.

In order for BRMEMC to do a feasibility study for an area, these four steps must be completed.

  1. Check our coverage map to see if you are included in a feasible area.
  2. Collect signed agreements from each member in the proposed area that is interested in the fiber optic service.
  3. Complete the online form below and upload each signed agreement. Or download the PDF form to complete.
  4. Wait for BRMEMC to conduct the feasibility study.

After these steps are finished, a feasibility study will be conducted on the proposed area. Determinations will be emailed to the email address provided on the form. Due to workload and time needed for each study, a timeframe cannot be given for the feasibility study to be complete.

Disclaimer: Returning information to BRMEMC does not guarantee that your area will be chosen for expansion. BRMEMC will not hold members accountable to each signed agreement until the expansion area is chosen and construction begins. Response time is not immediate. Determining eligibility may take an undetermined amount of time.

Neighborhood Networking

Complete this online form if you are interested in Neighborhood Networking program. Be sure to have the signed agreements ready to upload along with the submission of the form.

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