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BRMEMC is dedicated to the communities we serve.

Member Feedback Request

Blue Ridge Mountain EMC continuously strives to deliver affordable, reliable electric and broadband service to our community. Your feedback will help us be sure we are meeting your needs. Please take a minute to respond to the following questions. If you would like to speak to someone regarding any issues or concerns, please call us at (706) 379-3121. Thank you for allowing BRMEMC to serve you.

Member Feedback

This form is for BRMEMC members to provide feedback and suggestions on the services we offer.

How long have you been a member of BRMEMC?
Using a 5-point scale on which "5" means "very satisfied", how satisfied are you with BRMEMC?

How would you rate BRMEMC on the following?

Delivering good value for the money
Having friendly, courteous employees
Resolving issues or problems
Supporting the local community
Keeping power outages to a minimum
Restoring power quickly after an outage
Providing accurate and easy to understand bills
Having convenient payment options
Communicating with you and keeping you informed
Being easy to reach

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