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EnergyRight® Solutions - New Homes

Blue Ridge Mountain EMC and TVA are pleased to offer our New Homes Rebate Program for qualifying members. The program is grounded in the desire to deliver energy savings to our members who are building new homes. This is a cash rebate for homes that meet TVA’s energy right® standards. Qualifying members may receive a rebate of up to $300 for a home with a heat pump and a standard electric tanked water heater. Members that install a Marathon Lifetime Water Heater, a G.E. lifetime water heater, or a heat pump water heater may qualify for an additional $100.

Georgia and North Carolina now require new homes to have a Blower Door (B.E.T.) and Duct Blaster (D.E.T.) test performed prior to a Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) being issued. Blue Ridge Mountain EMC is pleased to offer this service to our members. The fee for this service ranges from $300 to $400. Our Energy Services Technician will determine the actual cost at the time of inspection. The fees must be paid before the actual certificate is issued. Contact Darrin Ingram – ext. 151 to schedule the testing or with questions regarding the fees.

Blue Ridge Mountain EMC’s Energy Services Technician uses nationally recognized rating software to determine a H.E.R.S. rating* on your new home. The H.E.R.S. index allows you to compare your home’s efficiency to other homes in your area. Should you wish to sell your home the H.E.R.S. rating gives you a marketing tool that many others do not have. Homes that rate .85 or better (the lower the number the better the score) may qualify for an additional cash rebate from TVA. There are no additional fees for having your new home rated.

The mechanical inspection and rating of the home should be scheduled when the house is nearing completion. Either you or your builder may schedule the appointment. The home must meet TVA and BRMEMC’s standards to qualify for a rebate. We do recommend that you use a member of our Quality Contractor Network (QCN) for installation of your heating and air systems as they are familiar with our program; however, it is not a requirement. For a list of current members of our network you may click on the link below. If you choose an installer that is not a member of our QCN then they will be held to the same standards and must provide a heating & air load calculation, equipment model numbers, and an AHRI certificate showing the inside and outside systems are a match.

Quality Contractor Network

* H.E.R.S. Rating Index

Energy Right Solutions® Program Homes Rate High...

In Comfort

Energy Right® homes are well insulated and are equipped with efficient heating and cooling systems that have been installed with attention to detail and keep air infiltration (leakage) to a minimum.

In Quality

Trained new home inspectors work with the builder to help assure construction meets program guidelines.

In Value

The Energy Right Solutions® logo equates with lasting value. The documented energy efficiency of new homes built to program standards means value to you now and can also represent value to you and subsequent buyers should you sell your home.

In Energy Savings

Home Energy Rating Systems (H.E.R.S.) software is used to evaluate the efficiency of your home's final construction. The software is industry accredited and shows the relative energy efficiency of homes based on a rating scale of 0 to 100 points with a lower number indicating a better rating.

Program Requirements

The house must be total electric *(see exceptions below), heated/cooled by an electric heat pump rated at 13 SEER/8.2 hspf or greater. Dual Fuel Heat Pumps are also allowed. All major appliances must be electric. Alternative heating/cooling systems such as radiant floor heat and wood stoves do not qualify. The primary heating/cooling source must be an electric heat pump.* Most local building codes meet or exceed TVA standards but if you have a question about meeting a particular standard please contact us.

You must also have a tanked electric water heater. Instantaneous or on demand water heaters and gas water heaters do not qualify. Marathon Lifetime Water Heaters, G.E. Lifetime Water Heaters, and Heat Pump Water Heaters may qualify for an additional rebate.

The home must have been completed for less than one year at the time of inspection.

*Exceptions: gas logs and gas cook tops are allowed.