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Electric Service Checklist

This checklist will help you make sure the necessary paperwork reaches BRMEMC and your job stays on track. To download a printable version click here.

Temporary service will be provided to building under construction until completion by setting meters on a members's own temporary service rig. BRMEMC will also supply service to member's own RV & Trailer pedestals. Permanent service will be extended to buildings that are permanent in nature. Examples of permanent structures include houses, manufactured homes, garages, barns, and businesses.

Also view the service practice standards with regards to BRMEMC schedule of rules and regulations. BRMEMC's policy bulletin No. 304 outlines application for membership and electric service.

1. Call

Call BRMEMC at (706) 379-3121 ext. 812 or toll free at (800) 292-6456 ext. 812 to establish your new account. Please note that if member has a temporary service the account number will remain the same. Store your account number here: ____________________

2. Prepare

Prepare the site. Clear area of building materials between pole or underground transformer to the electric service entrance on the building.

3. Engineer

Engineer Staking. BRMEMC will create a work order which will send an engineer to stake the service and inform member of cost.

4. Billing

Billing of construction cost.

  • Bill will be mailed to member with a list of any forms or easements needed.
  • Payment of any costs for construction of electrical services.
  • Complete and return the service forms to your BRMEMC Service Center.
  • Final Electrical Inspection needed faxed from county before meter will be set.
5. Schedule

Schedule service construction. Once all items listed in Step 4 have been returned to BRMEMC, we will release the job to the construction department to be scheduled by that supervisor. Once your electrician has completed installing the metering equipment, you must call BRMEMC to insure that we have received the final electrical inspection from your county so that a service crew can be scheduled to install a meter.

Blue Ridge Mountain EMC Employees